Who We Are

MayiEva™ is expression of personifying the aura of a Strong, Confident, Focused, Independent, Self Sufficient and compassionate 21st Century girl with bravado, trendy & Stand alone fashion concepts.

MayiEva™ has its genesis from Sanskrit term “Mayi” – meaning MY &“Eva” – A Latin term that stands for full of life. Our core philosophy at MayiEva™ is to enable today’s women to spread their wings and express their freedom & sense of accomplishment through Fashion. MayiEva™ encapsulate rich Indian heritage ornamented in latest, trendy western fashion concepts.

Our Vision is to enamor today’s women with the best in East & Best in West in Fashion.

Our Expertise in MayiEva™ lies in in depth knowledge of fabrics ranging from buckram, cambric, Crepe, chintz, Orgenza, Silk, Taffeta, Tissue, Mesh to Interlock, lacoste, Piquet. MayiEva™ expertise lies in Surface ornamentation on the Fabrics which adds exceptional value to your designer ware with immaculate craftsmanship and style.

Rekha Kumar

Rekha ...... a blooming Fashionista, passionate about latest trends in Fashion, fabrics, Textures, surface ornamentation and translating the fashion into vivacious persona for every facets of life.

Rekha is a passionate conceptual fashion designer with hands on experience on various types of fabrics and phases of design realization. Her immaculate fashion designing skills have been fine tuned in association with thought innovator iconic fashion designers.

A Scholar in Fashion Designing from WLCi College of Fashion Designing with a strong Foundation in Polymer engineering. Rekha’s passion has been moulding stuffs into creative designs and is articulate in creating master piece in her designer wares leaving a lasting impression.

Rekha has been instrumental in Surface ornamentation; she believes every garment beholds a new saga. Hence gives firm attention to details along every phase of Fashion design realization.